Senior Support Services

Senior Support Services offers residents a helping hand to continue living independently. Daily lunch and dinner and weekly housekeeping, laundry and personal services provide a little bit of assistance that can go a long way. The lunch meal is provided in cooperation with the senior nutrition program of the local Area Agency on Aging (AAA). Services are catered to the needs of the individual and various service packages are offered to support aging in place. A subsidy is available to those eligible.

Senior Support Services is a Congregate Housing Services Program certified and subsidized by the Maryland Department of Aging, for people 62 years of age and over who have some difficulty with essential activities of daily living. The program is offered at the Morris H. Blum Senior Building, and is for low- and very low-income seniors. It is offered to prevent injury and illness, thereby helping to eliminate or delay the need for admission to a higher level of care. The Standard CHS package includes: two meals per day (seven days per week), housekeeping, laundry and personal assistance services (total of approximately 3 hours per week, tailored to individual needs), and service management provided by the on-site CHS Supervisor. Individualized CHS packages offer residents the ability to receive just meals or just personal services to meet their specific needs. A variety of fee-for-service and private-pay options are also available.

Who Are CHS Participants? Individuals participating in the CHS program:

  • Participate in congregate dining, if enrolled in a meal service;
  • Ambulate independently or with an assistive device and, if using a wheelchair, transfer in and out of wheelchair independently;
  • Supervise their own medications or have a designated party (family/medication management provider) to manage medications; and
  • Independently manage personal finances or have a responsible party to do so;
  • Should a resident's physical or mental health deteriorate over time, it may become necessary for the resident and family to bring in additional services or plan for alternate living arrangements, in cooperation with the Senior Support Services Supervisor.

What does CHS Cost?

Participants may be eligible for a subsidy from the Maryland Department of Aging is dependent upon the individual's income and assets. An individual's CHS fee determined following a review of financial information. Please note: The CHS fee is in addition to the amount paid for rent.