The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis uses a centralized system to provide all maintenance services. All service requests from residents are received in the office and work orders prepared for all work to be performed by the maintenance staff. Services are provided by the Authority staff and contractors.

Emergency Maintenance Service

Emergency work items are those considered to pose a serious health or life-threatening situation to residents or housing authority staff and/or could cause serious property damage. Emergency situations will be abated within a 24-hour period The following are examples of emergencies:

  • No heat ( in winter months only)
  • No water
  • Electrical power failure and/or exposed electrical lines
  • Flooded dwelling unit
  • Broken or leaking gas line
  • Broken PHA-owned water line
  • Clogged or broken main sewer lines
  • Loose or unkeyed ceiling
  • Toilet backup or overflow
  • Inoperable smoke alarm
  • Unsecured vacant units, as this may attract vandalism and criminal activity

Routine Maintenance Service

This work includes all requests for maintenance services, other than emergencies, submitted by residents for routine work that has not been anticipated by maintenance. The routine category includes all repair needs, which are of a low priority that can be completed within a reasonable time period. HACA will make every effort to complete these repairs within 7 days.

Preventative Maintenance Service

Preventative maintenance activities will be scheduled and performed on a regular basis to maintain the units and development site in optimal condition.

Office Address

Housing Authority of The City of Annapolis
1217 Madison Street
Annapolis, MD 21403

Contact Us

Main (410) 267-8000
Fax  (410) 267-8290
Maintenance (410) 263-0778

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. to noon

After Hours Maintenance Emergencies:
(410) 553-2071